About Us

How mortgage brokers work.

Affinity offers a wide range of home loans from our panel of over 20 different lenders and the Affinity product range. Affinity is members of eChoice, a multi-award winning brand and aggregator that have helped over 50,000 Australians secure a home loan through its network. We are also members of both the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia (MFAA) & Finance Broker Association of Australia (FBAA). This means we have the technical resources, knowledge and expertise to offer you the level of lending advice on which home loan suits your needs.

We do not charge you for our service, the banks pay us. Not only does this make our service to you free, but we sometimes even save you interest by negotiating a better rate than you would get by going directly to the bank. Government and lender fees and charges will apply to most loans.

“Kelly and Simon didn’t realise how easy things would be when they came to Affinity. We helped them find a suitable loan that saved them money. We are not limited to a bank to sell only our own products, which makes it easy for us to meet your needs, not the banks!!”

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